These brand guidelines provide detailed information required to ensure that the Mimico Lacrosse brand is familiar and recognizable to players, parents and the community at large.

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The Mimico Lacrosse monogram logo and the colour palette of double blue are the primary identifiers for Mimico Lacrosse. They should always be used to represent the club in competition and high profile brand touchpoints. The Mimico Lacrosse monogram logo and the primary colour palette of double blue are referenced in our constitution and represent the history, tradition and legacy of our program. The monogram logo should always have a navy outline unless placed on a navy or dark background.

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The mascot logos, vintage combination mark and bleed blue wordmark represent the spirit of Mimico Lacrosse and embody our core values of family, hard work, tradition and determination. Mountaineers are a respected symbol of leadership — leading by example and taking pride in their duties and accomplishments. 

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"Bleed Blue" is our rally cry. It's meant to connect athletes, coaches and alumni to each other and inspire them to make their mark on the world. It is the essence of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Our official tagline "There are no bad days in Mimico, some are just better than others" is an expression of our brand that underlines our values, tenacity and underdog mentality. The tagline is sometimes shortened to "No bad days".


These logos are retired and are no longer permitted for general use.

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Double blue is a fundamental component in our brand identity.

With colours rooted in the tradition of Mimico Lacrosse, it is important that they are always displayed with utmost accuracy. All printed colours should match the current Pantone chips that are up-to-date. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the authority for selecting, specifying and matching controlled ink colours.

It is not recommended to use independent combinations of white/navy blue or white/powder blue. These colour combinations will take away from the brand equity Mimico Lacrosse has built with the consistent use of double blue as its primary colour palette.

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Varsity or College (all capital letters)

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Roboto Black (all capital letters)

Navy Blue

* Arial Black can be used as a substitute font for headers if Roboto Black is not available


Roboto Bold (all capital letters)

Navy Blue or Powder Blue

* Arial Bold can be used as a substitute font for sub-headers if Roboto Bold is not available

Body Copy


* Arial Regular can be used as a substitute font for body copy if Roboto is not available