January 20, 2017


Mountaineer Legacy Awards are presented annually to a player or a member of the alumni that has carried on the legacy of being a Mountaineer making a positive impact on his or her community.


Good afternoon parents, coaches and fellow Mountaineers. I am sorry I couldn’t be with you today but I have team commitments here in Sarnia.


I must say when I was informed that I would be receiving the Mountaineer Legacy Award, I was completely speechless. I am so honoured to receive such an award, mostly because of what the award stands for but also because I am one of the first recipients.


When I started my campaign to raise awareness for first responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it was hard to believe the word would spread so fast. I chose #ivegotyourback911 because my father is a paramedic and I have seen what first responders have to go through and what they have to sacrifice to keep us safe.


Over 57 first responders have committed suicide in Canada since 2014 and many more suffer from various mental illnesses due to what they see and do at work while helping others. I asked people to support #ivegotyourback911 on social media and Mimico Lacrosse was one of the first to show their support. I knew I could count on my family in blue to help me out and they immediately stepped up. I am so happy and proud that you did.


Mimico Lacrosse has always been a big part of my life and when I moved away to play for the Peterborough Petes, the media there knew I had played lacrosse before because they have a very large lacrosse community also. I was so proud to say that I had played lacrosse in Mimico. My billets helped run the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association and always cracked jokes with me about Mimico so I made sure to wear my Fear the Mountaineer shirt around the house whenever I could… much to their discontent. They joked about our tailgates… I miss those tailgates very much. BBQ’s between games are where I spent time with my brothers and developed life long relationships that I still have today. Wearing the M on my chest meant a lot to me. It was always Mimico vs. everybody and I loved it.


I’m asking you today to not only be there for each other on the floor but to support each other and be good teammates off the floor too. Sometimes playing catch with a teammate and talking about life goes a long way. Sometimes being there for someone to talk things out can make a difference. Being a part of Mimico Lacrosse is more than wearing a jersey. I will always have a sense of pride when I talk about my days playing for Mimico. My little brothers are Mountaineers now and I am so proud they can wear the double blue like I did.


Whenever you feel down about yourself or feel worthless please remember you are part of a lacrosse community that extends farther than you think, you are part of a team and family that cares for you. The values and characteristics you learn from being a Mountaineer can help you get through the tough times in life and may help others also.


Be a good teammate and more importantly a good person. I’d like to thank all of the volunteers that keep Mimico Lacrosse going because without people like you, experiences like the one I’ve had and days like this would not be possible.


Please remember to support #ivegotyourback911 to raise awareness for first responders suffering from PTSD on social media. Let’s show everyone that supporting each other is what being a Mountaineer is all about.

Thank you again. 1..2.. Go Blue!



Nicholas Grima