World lacrosse Rulebook 2019 - 2021

New rules were introduced effective January 1, 2020.

The rules have been adopted by the CLA.

OWFL have adopted the rules highlighted and Modified as noted below:

Highlights include:

New Stick Rules, including manufacturers specifications similar to the "US" rule. A revised stick list has been issued dated August 2019 including sticks now qualified under the changes (See Equipment -Stick Section)

Mesh is now permitted in girls sticks.

Elimination of the 15m 

Revised crease rules allowing a defender to pass through the crease.

Free Movement - no more freezing / starting on the whistle.

Self Start - player awarded ball can self start instead of waiting for the whistle (exceptions apply)

OWFL Division Modifications and Rules


One Caught Pass - Offensive Zone - Pass may be initiated from outside offensive zone

No Defender allowed in the crease

No Hold on Draw at Restraining Line


2 Caught passes - one caught in the offensive zone

Active Defender allowed in the crease

No Hold on Restraining Line at Draw

U15 / U19 / Senior

Hold on Restraining Line untill possestion signaled