Press Release
We are pleased to announce that Bantam 1 head coach Brad MacDonell and his coaching staff of Seamus Foran and Jamie Toguri received the Ontario Lacrosse Coach of the Year Award at the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s annual general meeting this past weekend in Niagara Falls.
The Ontario Lacrosse Coach of the Year Award is presented annually to the coach or coaching staff who best instills the principles of teamwork, fair play and self-esteem in the development of young lacrosse players while pursuing excellence in our sport.
Brad‘s team has worked exceptionally hard over the last few seasons.
In 2017, Brad‘s team finished second in the province in both field and box lacrosse, capturing the ‘A’ silver medal at both the Ontario Minor Field Lacrosse League championships and the Ontario Lacrosse Final Six.
In 2018, Brad coached a team comprised of mostly minor Bantams. They came exceptionally close to qualifying for the Final Six championship weekend, finishing 7th in the province after the ‘A’ qualifiers.
Brad and his team are the definition of that it means to be Mountaineers. I have no doubt they will continue to climb higher.” – Colleen Grimes, Vice President, Rep