Ontario Lacrosse Awards

Coach of the Year

The Ontario Lacrosse Coach of the Year Award is presented annually to the coaching staff who best instills the principles of teamwork, fair play and self-esteem in the development of young lacrosse players while pursuing excellence in our sport.

Jonny Grimes, Evan Bolotta, Johnny Ladesic & Kevin MacRory
Jonny Grimes, Evan Bolotta, Johnny Ladesic & Kevin MacRory
  • 2015 Jonny Grimes, Evan Bolotta, Johnny Ladesic, Kevin MacRory
  • 2013 Daniel Fleming, Manny Hundal, Mike Nicholson, Curtis Bolotta
  • 2010 Colleen Grimes, Shelby Simons, Brianne Hutchcraft
  • 2009 Jonny Grimes, Evan Bolotta, Johnny Ladesic, Matthew Smitheram

Merv MacKenzie Award

The Merv MacKenzie Award is presented to the person selected as having done the most for the promotion of the game of lacrosse in Ontario.

  • 2016 Colleen Grimes

Mr. Lacrosse Award

The Thomas "Tip" Teather Trophy, awarded annually to a person considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the sport of lacrosse.

  • 2010 John "JR" Robinson
  • Sean O'Callaghan

OLA Golden Stick Award | 50+ Years

The OLA Golden Stick Award recognizes 50+ years of volunteer service.

  • 2017 Ruby Lang

OLA Heritage Game Award | 40+ Years

The OLA Heritage Game Award recognizes 40+ years of volunteer service.

  • 2017 Barb Cormier
  • 2017 Danny Atkinson

OLA Creator's Game Award | 30+ Years

The OLA Creator's Game Award recognizes 30+ years of volunteer service.

  • 2017 Rob Michalsky
  • 2017 Sean O'Callaghan