Baby Peanut (2016-2017)

It all starts with scoop. Whether you are interested in box lacrosse, field lacrosse or women's field lacrosse in the future, Baby Peanut is where our coaches and volunteer Mountaineers will help your child learn and love the game.

Baby Peanuts play Saturday mornings at Mimico Arena starting the week of April 11 and play for 10 weeks. They are required to wear a helmet (with a cage) on the floor. Registration for this program is free courtesy of our friends at Suboch Law.

Players also get a free stick with registration and a team uniform.


Limited space available. Select product "Soft Lacrosse" when registering.


Paperweight (2014-2015)
Tyke (2012-2013)
Novice (2010-2011)
Peewee (2008-2009)
Bantam (2006-2007)
Midget (2004-2005)
Intermediate (2003-1999)

*Rep Tryout Fee

There is a tryout fee of $50 added to the Spring Field registration fee. Players will receive a tryout pinnie to use for the duration of spring field and box rep tryouts. If you do not play spring field and would like to try out for a box rep team, you must register for box tryouts using the optional $50 box tryout fee in the registration portal.



Mini Mountaineers

Mini Mountaineers 

NEW Mini Mountaineers is where girls will learn to love being active and being an athlete first. While becoming a lacrosse player, second. This free program is currently open to girls born between 2014 and 2017.

Mini Mountaineers will meet Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm beginning in early May (date TBD) until the end of June. Girls are not required to wear equipment. They get a free women's field lacrosse stick with registration and may opt to wear lacrosse goggles and whatever else they like!


Limited space available. Select product "Mini Mountaineers" when registering.

h/t Janie Lax

U11 (2013-12-11-10)
U13 (2009-08)
U15 (2007-06)
U19 (2005-04-03-02)
Senior (2001+)

How to Register Online

Important Note: 

NEW players will be required to upload a copy of their birth certificate, health card or passport – please have it available.

1. Click [Register Now]
2. Sign in or sign up as a new member
3. Once you sign in, it will take you to the member portal
4. Click [New Registration]
5. Click on participant you wish to register
6. Click on the registration product you wish to register for
7. Read waiver and click [I Agree]
8. Upload age document
9. Select payment method: Visa/MasterCard

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child participate in Rep box or field tryouts prior to registering? 

No. In order to be eligible to participate in a tryout you must be registered with Mimico Lacrosse in the current playing year.

What should I do if my child is interested in trying out for Team Ontario?

Register as early as possible. This allows the registration to be processed in time for Team Ontario tryouts.

Can my child play Paperweight or Tyke Rep if they don't play houseleague?

No. Paperweight and Tyke Rep players must also play houseleague.

What equipment is required to play lacrosse?

Box & Field Lacrosse: helmet and facemask, protective gloves, shoulder and arm pads, back/kidney pads and a lacrosse stick.

Women's Field Lacrosse: mouth guard, cleats and a women’s field lacrosse stick. Protective eye goggles are optional.